20th Crime + The Last Confession SPECIAL


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There are only 50 bottles of my 20th Crime Hot Sauce left and when they are gone they are GONE FOREVER - So for the last 50 bottles I thought I'd do a SPECIAL  - 1 X 200ml bottle of 20th Crime AND 1 x 200ml bottle of  The Last Confession for only £15 

The Last Confession is stunning - made with Cognac it has the smoothest of flavours with a nice little kick 



"When 19 Crimes approached me to collaborate on a The Rib Man x 19 Crimes hot sauce, I was instantly drawn to the Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a wine that’s packed with character, flavours such as chocolate, red berry fruits and vanilla, and the perfect partner to my palate provoking Scotch Bonnet Chillies and Spices. I knew the combination would pack a punch in flavour, and the heat partnered with the wine would be ingeniously subtle. The result – The 20th Crime.

20th Crime hot sauce can and should be used on anything 


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